World Champions Countdown to the Barnet Congress!

Look at the coundown clock to see how many days left. As each day counts down, the link to the World champion trivia page featuring a selected game will be unveiled. (Not starting on an unlucky number :-), sorry Garry! )

Email the Webmaster what your favourite game is of the World champions which have not been unveiled yet! - lists will be published if enough interest, and most statistically asked for game will be selected prior to the countdown day!!

12 Anatoly Karpov 11 Robert (Bobby) Fischer 10 Boris Spassky
9 Tigran Petrosian 8 Mikhail Tal 7 Vasily Smyslov
6 Mikhail Botvinnik 5 Machgielis (Max Euwe) 4 Alexander Alekhine
3 José Raúl Capablanca 2 Emanuel Lasker 1 William Steinitz

Have you ever seen many World Champions together in one picture? (Nottingham 1936)

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