Match record, Barnet 2nd Team
Herts League Division 4

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The Usual Suspects of the 2nd team:

Date: 12.10.98

Opposition: Letchworth

Bd Player (Barnet) Grade Result Player (Letchworth) Grade Result
1 M.Pearson Res 1 Default   0
2 P.Martin 143q 0 K.Hardy 144 1
3 D.Wright 138 0 I.Mutton 133 1
4 N.Wright 132 1 G.Lee 123 0
5 R.Cooper 131 0.5 S.Turner 112 0.5
    Total 2.5   Total 2.5

Kicking off our season, we found ourselves matched against one of the fancied teams, Letchworth, who were relegated last year. They reported that they had already visited Royston and recorded an impressive 4-1 victory. Both teams struggled with the board one position, but fortune smiled on the home side as we were able to name a substitute!

It was largely down hill from there. Paul Martin, overpressed in a strong position, found his king blown apart with a rather unattractive Rook sacrifice. Ray cooper also held the whip hand but proved unable to convert that to a full point. Dennis stuggled throughout on the black side of a Dutch, whilst Nigel (last to arrive and last to finish) proved his usual reliable self in stonewalling his way to the full point.

Opposition: Royston

Bd Player (Barnet) Grade Result Player (Letchworth) Grade Result
1 P.Martin 143 0.5 D.Hurricks 149 0.5
2 D.Wright 138 1 N.Thompson 135 0
3 N.Wright 132 1 K.Woodhouse 105 0
4 R.Cooper 131 1 S.Johnson 92 0
5 M.Pearson 125 0.5 D.Wasik 90 0.5
    Total 4.0   Total 1.0


The longest away trip of the season, a fixture clash with the North Circular League, and we managed to put out what is likely to prove our strongest available team!!! Against my better judgement, the team opted for a quickplayn finish, and promptly set about showing that our higher average grade counts for little. Mark, actually getting to make a move this time, agreed an early draw, whilst Nigel recorded an early win, to put us in front. Ray always looked comfortable, and duly registered the solid point. As the time control approached, we had 2.5 ppoints in the bag, and two awful positions left at the board.

Paul having sacrificed knight and bishop to expose the black king, looked to have miscalculated badley when Queens were also exchanged. Keeping pressure on in the form of cheap tactical tricks, I managed to enter a time scramble, recover the lost material, and bale out a draw. Dennis, struggling with the black pieces again, and still high from a good result for the first team the previous night, was even more successful as he managed to turn the tables on his opponent and leave with a very useful point.


Opposition: St Albans 5

Bd Player (Barnet) Grade Result Player (Letchworth) Grade Result
1 P.Martin 143 1 D.Thompson 1950? 0
2 D.Wright 138 1 ND Jones   0
3 N.Wright 132 1 J.Leake 120 0
4 M.Pearson 125 0 P.Laskier 120 1
5 G.Nunn ung 0 M.Flatt 119 1
    Total 3   Total 2

Geoff Nunn, making his debut for the team and club, got slowly smothered defending an advanced french, dropping a pawn, and eventually thepoint, but showing enough to suggest that he will score plenty for the club this year.

Mark dominated his opponent, gained material, but just failed to mop up the last of his opponents' pawns ( a blockaded KRP) before his flag fell. Fortunately the result was already settled by then.

The top three boards were all extremely wild affairs, each could easily have gone either way. Nigel and his opponent both opted to keep kings in the centre. An interesting tactical skirmish ensued with Nigel's king proving better able at avoiding Queen and bishop batteries. He secured our first point.

On board two Dennis overcame some early difficulties to secure B&N for R+P. Eventually managing to generate a winning attack on his opponents king.

On top board, Paul's uninspiring opening play managed to ensure his King and plenty of enemy company !!! and thus walked a defensive tightrope!

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