1998 Hertforshire League match

Barnet vs Hoddesdon Report by T.C.Gavriel


Barnet managed to convincingly win the first match of the season in the Hertfordshire division I league, by beating Hoddesdon 4-1.

Match Highlights

Our match captain Paul, agreed a very quick "Grandmaster draw" with ex-barnet player Howard Tebbs on Board 1. The most exciting and dramatic game of the match was Natasha Regan's brutal and efficient victory against Turnham on Board 2. Costas and myself managed to win our games with agressive chess (unsound in my game), forcing home a convincing victory 4-1 victory for Barnet.

Natasha Regan vs Turnham

Tryfon Gavriel vs Terry Turner 

Costas Karayannis vs Neil Rugwani

Paul Georghiou vs Howard Tebbs

Eddie Holland vs Steve Weston