"Just when you think that a person is just a backdrop for the rest of the universe, watch them and see that they laugh, they cry, they tell jokes ... they're just friends waiting to be made."
-Jeffery Borenstein

Current Barnet Chess Club members

Note: If you have ChessBase on your machine, you can save yourself the hassle of playing through the moves on a chess board!

Barnet chess club members

Honary Life Member: IM Neil Bradbury

paulg.gif (13034 bytes)
Paul Georghiou (200) (2230)
Natasha Regan
Natasha Regan (195) (2170)
costask.gif (16810 bytes)
Costas Karayiannis
(left of pic) (178) (2180)
alexa.gif (16438 bytes)
Alex Ethelontis (172) (2180)
tryfong.gif (16440 bytes)
Tryfon Gavriel (191) (2080)
eddieh.gif (13819 bytes)
Eddie Holland (174)
peterc.gif (16551 bytes)
Peter Coleman (126)
paulm.gif (17899 bytes)
Paul Martin (145)
stevew.gif (13605 bytes)
Steve Weston (144)
Mike Stoker (144) Ray Cooper (138) dennisw.gif (16540 bytes)
Dennis Wright (138)
Martin Jones (127) Nigel Wright (127) Salvatore Pepe (127)salvatore.gif (19859 bytes) Jack Levy
JackLevy.jpg (38118 bytes)
Mark Pearson (119) Lawrence Blake (119) Azam Baig (112) herbertb.gif (17824 bytes)
Herbert Blank (103)
Ivan Varecka (100) David Bate-Smith (89) davidw.gif (17734 bytes)
David Wilders (87)
Maurice Kenton (81)
alfredk.gif (15281 bytes)
Alfred Killick (77)
Ian Macaulay (ungraded) bernardt.gif (15793 bytes)
Bernard Thompson (ungraded)
Caroline Robson (ungraded)
johnv.gif (13861 bytes)
John Venn (ungraded)
Mike Allan (ungraded) johng.gif (16923 bytes)
John Goldsack (ungraded)
Richard Macaulay (ungraded)
jimmyr.gif (14751 bytes)
Jimmy Razzathi (ungraded)
Janet Edwardson (ungraded) Paul and Janet Edwardson (ungraded)

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