"I would never wanna belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member."
Groucho Marx

Barnet 2nd Team Natasha Regan Barnet 1st team pub celebration
The formidable Barnet 2nd team in action Natasha Regan, one of the 1st teams highest scoring players Barnet celebrate a fine victory over Hertford in the Hertfordshire chess league.

Barnet Chess Club (BCC), a small friendly chess club based in North London, England. Barnet chess club is affiliated to the Hertfordshire Chess Association.

New players of all strengths and ages always welcome!


Barnet chess club is a thriving and popular club which welcomes players of all strengths and ages.

Barnet chess club was established in the late 19th century. It is affiliated to the Hertfordshire Chess Association, which is affiliated to the British Chess Federation and to the Southern Counties Chess Union.


As of 12th November 2001, Barnet chess club is now located at the Conservative club on Barnet High Street- next to the Felix and Furkin pub. We meet there every Monday night at 7.30pm

Getting there!

Getting there by the London Underground

From High Barnet underground station you can walk up the hill and you will see on your left the Felix and Furkin pub. The Barnet conservative club is right next to it.

Club championships

The club often organises a club championship. Have a look at previous club champions since 1977.


The club plays in the North Circular and Hertfordshire chess leagues. It has many teams to cater for the wide range of chess strengths in the club. It also participates in blitz chess events such as the Capes Trophy. We won the Hertfordshire second division and look forward to playing in division 1 when the league starts up again later this year.

Barnet 2nd team picture!
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The formidable 2nd team in action (left to right towards the wall: Steve Weston, Paul Martin, Peter Coleman, Ray Cooper, Dennis Wright)

Barnet pub celebration after beating Hertford!
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The young pretenders of the Hertfordshire League Barnet Division 1 team, in a jubilant mood after defeating the 3 years running League champions, Hertford North 4-1. Left to right: Alex Ethelontis, Costas Karayannis, Natasha Regan, Tryfon Gavriel, Paul Georghiou.


The club organises the Barnet Chess Congress every January. It has organised this tournament for the last 14 consecutive years. This has attracted international competitors from as far away as Bermuda. Funding raised from this tournament is allocated in a variety of ways. One interesting example was a trip to Holland where we played local clubs as well enjoying the sites!

Strong players which have been members / are members of Barnet Chess Club

Barnet chess club has made Neil Bradbury an honorary life member in recognition of his achievement in becoming an International Master. Other players which have reached grades of over BCF 190 or thereabouts have included Jeremy Sharpe, Chris Jones, Paul Georghiou and Tryfon Gavriel.

Bunnies welcome also!

But, you dont have to be a strong player to be welcomed to Barnet chess club. Indeed you can be a bunny, and still be welcomed.

Bunnies welcome to Barnet chess club!


Have a look at some of the games of Barnet Chess Club (BCC) members