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Tryfon Gavriel (alias “kingscrusher!” on the ICC and

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I am very keen on chess, and want this web site to reflect my enthusiasm for the game. I have great ideas for this web site, and I am trying to get the time to implement them. I want the site to meet chess players needs, and to be a useful resource for the chess community at large.

You can view the Sarah Hurst Interview I gave for my ideas about the web and this web site!

I hope you find Barnet Chess Club on-line both enjoyable and informative. I also hope that more British clubs will appear on the web in the following months!

You can peruse my Chess focused CV if you are interested in my chess playing history and chess related pictures.


Janet Edwardson

I am a relative new member of the Barnet Chess Club and still have lots to learn about this fascinating game. Although I was intrigued by chess at an early age, it was several years later before I learned the basic rules. In a world before home computers it was much more difficult to play chess if one's immediate circle of acquaintances did not play. Today computers have made it much easier to learn and play the game and the internet has made it possible to chat and play with fellow enthusiasts from all over the world at any time of day or night. During the last couple of years I have played chess via e-mail and online games at places such as the Internet Chess Club (ICC). I am also very interested in teaching chess to young children.

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