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Computer Chess Links

Computer Chess Index

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Computer chess history

Computer chess history
AI Expert article - history of computer chess paper
Computer chess past to present
Bill Wall's Computer Chess Trivia
Chess and Computers by Matt Nichols

Computer chess publications

The ICCA Journal
Eric Hallsworth's "Selective Search"
Publications on the web
On-line papers
Jonathon's On-line papers
On-line papers
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (has papers which have implications for chess)

Computer chess book reviews

Valentin Albillo book reviews

Computer chess Assocations

The International Computer Chess Association
The Dutch computer chess association

Computer chess tournaments (ordered by date)

First ACM Computer chess championship (1970)
Dutch open computer chess championship 1995
Tournament results
The 13th World Micro Championship (1995)
Dutch open computer chess championship 1997
6th International Paderborn cc championship (Feb 97)
For man machine tournaments check out the Aeigon Man v Computer Chess Tournament 1997

Computer chess programming

Paul Verhelst's excellent computer chess programming links
Dr A. N. Walker's Computer Chess pages alpha beta pruning, iterative deepening, horizon effect, and much more
T.A. Marsland's The anatomy of chess programs
Rainer Feldmann's computer chess site - parallel computer chess
Search algorithms in general
Computer Science Seminar
Artificial Intelligence course materials
Tryfon Gavriel's computer chess pages- Minimax and Alpha-Beta pruning
Minimax and Alpha beta template
Alpha beta conspiracy search
A paper on breaking away from Alpha-beta
Minimax Game Tree searching
Minimax theory faster than NegaScout
Goal driven Learning
Machine learning in games
Bibliography of machine learning and strategic game playing
Game Tree Evaluation
Asynchronous applications
Sequential computer chess
Strategy and Board Game Programming
Chess Endings Library
Chess Ending algorithms

Computer chess programmers (alphabetical)

Thomas Anantharaman, the programmer behind Deep Thought
Hans Berliner Author of HiTech and the developer of the B* search algorithm
Dennis Breuker
Jim Bumgardner
Robert Hyatt
Mark Lefler and Jeff Mallett
Tony Marsland
Jonathan Schaeffer 
Ken Thompson 

Man vs Machine Matches

For the recent Deep Blue match check out IBM's deep blue match page (current), IBM’s deep blue page
Detailed commentary on the Hiarcs vs Hergott match (Java Browser)
The Kasparov vs Deep(er) blue match (Java browser)

Commercial computer chess programs

Fritz main page
The Rebel home page
The Chess Genius home page
The Novag chess computer site
The Tasc Chess computer site

Non-commercial computer chess programs

IBM site - the technology behind deep blue
How does deep blue work?
How DarkThought works

The official Crafty web site
CilkChess 2.0 (parallel chess program)
Gullydeckel - an experimental chess program
Johns ICC Computer chess page - Moonshot and KingTwoFt
Check out Tim mann's web site (He maintains the FAQ's of GNU Chess)
Matthias Luscher's chess computer page - Objected oriented chess program project in C++
KC Chess: Kevin & Craig's chess program
The Crazy Bishop C++ program
Citrus E
Arason Chess

Rating lists

SSDF rating list
Eric Hallsworth's rating list update page

Tests for Computer programs

Valentin Albillo's chess tests

Computer chess community resources

Computer chess club
The Computer chess newsgroup


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