"I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them."
-Isaac Asimov

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Predictions as to how computer's will affect the chess world.

These are some of the author's views about the future of Computer Chess.......

Artificial personality will increasingly be built into PC based chess programs- the program's will laugh at your mistakes, and say to you that you should have done this and that and then reel off hundreds of supporting variations of analysis.

Grandmaster's losing frequently to Computer's in long games. The computer's will also not only win but start to win more and more "crushingly". If they can see millions more variations per second each year, their tactics will simply become much more effective and brutal.

Computers finding mistakes in opening theory and evolving opening theory.

Computer analysis being used more extensively in chess literature. Already GM John Nunn for example emphasises that analysis has been "computer checked".

Computer's playing simultaneous games over the Internet and winning 90% + of games.

Computer's becoming the size of a credit card and still beating strong International masters and Grandmasters.

Computer chess databases being used more agressively to find weaknesses in opponents. You say to the computer something like "Tell me the weaknesses of Fred Smith" and the computer will give a complete rundown of that person's key weaknesses, and recommend which opening lines and middlegame strategies to employ.

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