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Chess Playing Software

Title OS License Comments
Rebel Decade 2.0 DOS Free A strong freeware chess playing program. If you are looking for chess software to practise your game this may be just what you are looking for! Runs in DOS.
Arasan Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98, and Windows NT Free Arasan is a Chess program that provides a tough computer opponent.
GNU Chess  Windows 3.1 Free Comes complete with source code
Chenard Windows 95/98/NT Free
Clueless  DOS 3.3 Shareware For the beginner. Offers six levels of play: Clueless, Dumber, Dumb, Sage, Wizard, and Einstein.
GromitChess Windows 3.1/95 Free Many features. Plays at around 2350-2500 Elo
EXchess DOS Free A strong chess playing program.
ChessPartner   Windows 95/98/NT 30-day Trial A full-featured chess game that lets you play against the computer or against opponents across the Internet.
KChess Elite Windows 3.1 and Windows 95/98/NT versions Shareware Ideal for casual players, children learning to play chess, and anyone wanting to improve their game.
K-Chess Elite 32 Windows 95/98/NT Shareware (30-day trial) Play against the computer, another opponent or watch the computer play itself.
MacChess PowerPC Free Suitable for beginners and advanced players.
Fritz 5 Windows 95/98 Commercial  A very strong chess playing program with lots of features such as a very good game analysis feature. It also searches databases and displays opening trees.
Chessmaster Windows 95/98. Also available for Mac PowerPC, Game Boy and Sony Playstation Commercial  The graphic boards are very attractive, especially suitable for children. 
Jungle Chess Windows 95 Free Chess program from Edmark's Strategy Challenges Collection 2: In the Wild.
Chessterfield Windows 95/98/NT Free A basic chess playing program.

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