Surrey Easter Chess Congress report by T.C.Gavriel

Official Press statement

Michael Adams was the clear favourite, even more so when Grandmaster James Plaskett withdrew through illness on the second day, but, when he was held to draws by Mark Ferguson and Adam Collison, there was a six-way tie going into the final round. However he emerged as the only winner from this group and becomes the highest rated Southern Counties Individual champion in the history of the Championship. There were 72 rated players in the Open; five more players completed their full ratings and a further ten achieved a part-rating (all subject to ratification). The places in the British Championship, that will be offered to two players, will go to Mark Ferguson, Susan Lalic, Karl Mah, Adam Collinson, Tim Wall, Tony Corkett, Stephen Dishman, Richard Bates or Michael Franklin (Subject to pre-qualification by any other criteria but in this order).


Games to browse through from the Open tournament with board positions at various places

Games for downloading!

Sutton games zipped up in the new Chessbase 6.0 format

Sutton games zipped up in the old Chess base format


The Surrey Easter Chess congress is a very special tournament to me. I have always rated it amongst my favourite tournaments in the Uk. The unique flavour of the event is created by a variety of elements. Firstly, it is played in a spacious library where the atmosphere is intense, exciting, and intellectual!- The latter comes from being surrounded by many books which you can read the titles when you are bored with your position-!

The top ten boards are enclosed in "box", for spectators to look from outside. The "box" adds a great motivation for players to do well.

Between rounds there is a local pub which is particularly popular for the tournament players because of the high quality of food, and its very close proximity! Overall it is an excellent pub which adds to the enjoyment of the chess event indirectly! During the event, an ex-barnet club champion Chris Jones, was taking people apart at blitz chess in the pub which added fun to the event, because lots of strong players in the tournament were gathering round!

The Focus of the report

My report focuses on the Open section which I competed in along with Alex Ethelontis from Barnet Chess Club.

Report material

The games are taken primarily from the first 10 boards in the Open tournament on each round. The game scores were kindly sent to be by Martin Cath, who I shall do a return favour of printing out the game scores.

Game snapshots will be taken for the following reasons: