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Special Reports

Year 2000 FIDE World top 10 players 

Should we be using PGN/ Chessbase format?

Michael Adams Report 2000

What makes a great chess club?

The FIDE World championship 1999 - British player perspective

World champions Java Browser

The first official world champion- William Steinitz

Kasparov Interview on the ICC, Nov 23rd 1998

The FIDE World championship 97 - a British player perspective

The Kasparov Deep Blue Match (Java Browser)

The Aeigon 1996 Man Machine Tournament (Java Browser)

Is the future of Internet chess based on trust?

UK Reports

UK Schools Chess Challenge 2000 (pictures only)

Redbus Knockout 2000 (pictures only)

Sutton 1999 Congress

1998 Oxford International (pictures only)

1998 British Chess Championship Java Browser

June 98        The Agency Grandmasters category 9 tournament in London

April 98        The 1998 Surrey Easter chess congress

March 98     London Internationals

The 1997 Surrey Easter chess congress

The Drury Lane Grandmasters event (Category 10)

The 1997 BCF Championship main event

The 1997 London Internationals

Barnet Chess Club Local Reports

(to a guest complaining about a view) "Well. . . may I ask what you were hoping to see out of a Torquay hotel bedroom window? Sydney Opera House perhaps? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically. . ." John Cleese, Fawlty Towers

18/09/99 Capes Trophy 1999 5 minute tournament

06/04/99 Sutton 1999 Congress from a Barnet Chess Club perspective

30/1/99 Report (with pictures) for January 1999 Barnet congress

9/1/99 The Adjournment! - an adjournment and the drama that went behind it in the North Circular League!

14/4/98 Sutton 98: A report from the Barnet chess club perspective! Features detailed annotated games by 4th-8th placed T.Gavriel!

June 1998: Salvatore Pepe, BCC club member hosts tournament in his Italian restaurant (see great pictures!)

19/3/98 Barnet victorious against Hertford in Hertfordshire League!

BCC Member Games archive!

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