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Events for 97/98
London Internationals starting October 18th!
Edinburgh International

Drury Lane Grandmasters
Golders Green Blitzed
Newport International
Highgate masters
Northumbria Masters event details

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Events for 97/98

Events organised by Adam Raoof are prefixed by **


** London 19-23 January 1998
IMs Angus Dunnington, Paul Littlewood and possibly Gary Lane, 10 player
IM tournament. Category III-IV apa (all-play-all). EF (= Entry fee in
sterling) 150, plus a FIDE rating apa event, EF 40 (unrated) 20

** Birmingham 24-25 January
4NCL Four Nations Chess League weekend at the Grand Hotel, Birmingham.

Jersey 22-28 February
Deloitte and Touche Festival of Chess. 7,000 in prizes. FIDE Rated
Open; Major U160 Minor U130. (01534) 619700 or Fax (01534) 619601.

** Birmingham 21-22 March
4NCL Four Nations Chess League weekend at the Grand Hotel, Birmingham.

** London 25-29 March
University College School, Hampstead. One IM tournament of 10-12 players
and one FIDE rated apa tournament. Category III-IV apa. EF 150, plus a
FIDE rating apa event, EF 40 (unrated) 20 (rated).
PLUS London 25-31 March
University College School, Hampstead. A 10 player Grandmaster Tournament
of Category VII (2401 minimum average). EF 200.

(** Belgium 6-10 April
Probably to be held in Ostend alongside the Belgian National Junior
Championships. One IM Tournament - a 12 player IM event category III-IV.
Limited places for English players, so book early! Not Leigh Prix)

** Birmingham 23-25 May (Bank Holiday Weekend)
4NCL Four Nations Chess League weekend at the Grand Hotel, Birmingham.

** London 26-30 May
University College School, Hampstead. One IM tournament and one FIDE
rated tournament.

** London 15-23 June
Agency International Grandmaster Tournament. 10 players, Category 10.
** Newport (Wales) 6-10 July
2nd Newport Centre International. 10pl APAs,
9rds, One IM Cat III-IV (IMs Bates, Dunnington), EF 150, plus a FIDE
rated apa event, EF 40 (unrated) 20 (rated). Newport Centre,
Kingsway, Newport, Wales. Accommodation; Tourist Information (01633)
842 962.

Smith & Williamson Young Masters 17-25 July
Invitational Swiss for promising juniors. Alec Webster, (0181) 642 2605

Smith & Williamson British Championships 26 July-8 August
Torquay. British Chess Federation, (01424) 442 500

2nd Mind Sports Olympiad, 24-30 August
London, Royal Festival Hall. David Levy, (0171) 485 9146. NOT FIDE

Paignton (Devon) 6-12 September
7 rounds. Alan Crickmore, (01395) 268 293

** Midlands 24-25 October
Proposed 4NCL Four Nations Chess League weekend.

Avon Insurance Guernsey 18-24 October
7 rounds. Steve Naftel, (01481) 728 948

** London 24-30 October
2nd London International, University College School, Hampstead. One
Grandmaster Tournament of Category X, One IM tournament of Category III-
IV and one FIDE rated tournament.

Monarch Assurance Isle of Man 7-15th November
Dennis Hemsley, (01624) 833 742. N.B. Change of date.

Owens Corning Grandmasters Wrexham (Wales) October/November
Mike Hughes (01978) 854 676

** Midlands 21-22 November Proposed 4NCL Four Nations Chess League
weekend, as are the following 1999 dates; 23-24 January, 20-21 March and
29-31 May.

** Edinburgh 14-18 December
3rd Caledonian Masters.


Edinburgh Internationals


Monday 15th to Friday 19th December, 1997

At the Edinburgh Capital Moat House
Clermiston Road, Edinburgh, Lothian EH12 6UG

2,000 pounds in prize money

A nine-round swiss tournament rated by FIDE and valid for title norms &
part of the Leigh Grand Prix.

Chief Arbiter: Simon Gillam (FIDE Arbiter)

PRIZES: 1st - 900 2nd - 500 3rd - 300 4th - 200 5th - 100

Money prizes will be shared.

2300+ / FMs / WGMs / WIMs / WFMs 50
2200-2295 60
2005-2195 80
Players without FIDE ratings 100

A half price entry fee will be offered to a limited number of juniors
under 16 and all players who represent Edinburgh League clubs.

SCHEDULE: Rate of play 40/2 then 1 hour to finish (six hour sessions).
Rounds Monday to Thursday at 9.30am and 4.30pm.
The final round is at 9.30am on Friday 19th December. Prizes will be
awarded by 4.30pm on Friday.

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Adam Raoof, 21 Golderton, Prince of Wales Close,
Hendon, London NW4 4QZ. Tel/fax: 0044 (0) 181 202 0982. E-mail:

TO ENTER: Please make your cheque payable to "Chess Circuit" and mail it
to the Tournament Director. Overseas entrants pay on arrival or
transfer your fee to Giro account number 55 583 2406 at the Alliance and
Leicester Girobank, Bootle, Merseyside GIR OAA in the name of Adam

ACCOMMODATION: Please book your accommodation directly before November
15th to avoid disappointment. Special rates apply for competitors
quoting "2nd Caledonian Masters" of 115 pounds per person bed and
breakfast for five nights in a twin room, e.g. 14-18 December. 175
pounds per person in a single room 14-18 December. Ring the Moat House
on (0131) 535 9988 or fax on (0131) 334 9712.
The hotel is 3 miles from the Airport.


There will also be a Challenge Match of six games from 14-19 December
between Scottish IM Jonathan Rowson (2490) and Swedish IM Tiger Hillarp
Persson (2445). The winner will receive 3,500 pounds and the loser
1,500 pounds.

Golders Green Blitzed!

Golders Green Blitz Tournament

A record 44 players turned out to play in this 10-minute blitz event, including three International Masters and FIDE rated players from the USA, Zambia and Wales!

Newly crowned IM Danny Gormally (225, Charlton) beat Matthew Turner (232, Cambridge Uni.) in the final round to take joint first place with IM Aaron Summerscale (233, Slough) on 5.5/6, closely followed by Andy
Kitchlew (160) on 5/6.

Dave Faldon (145, winning L10 as highest Hendon Chess Club member), Robert Feather (Golders Green) scored 4.5

L Ndhlovu (2205, Zambia), Matt Turner, Paul Kelly (151, Hendon), Nathan White (195, Finchley), Chris White (188, Richmond), Natasha Regan (WFM, 176, Imperial College) and Daniel White (149, Finchley) all finished on
4 points.

These popular events take place on the first Thursday of every month at Golders Green Church Hall, West Heath Drive NW11. (0181) 202 0982 for details or check BBC CEEFAX pages 578 and 579.


Here is the final lineup for the Newport International:

IM Gormally 2425
IM Dunnington 2420
IM Ansell 2390
Kelly 2390 (IRL) 1 norm
Wall 2375 2 norms
Beaumont 2345 1 norm
Williams 2310 2 norms
Cole 2245
Dearing 2210 (SCO)
Brooke 2175 (USA) Average 2328.5, Category 4


Vaughan 2065 (WLS)
Raoof 2070 (ENG)
Spanton 2070 (ENG)
Sedgwick 2125 (ENG)
Jones 2075 (WLS)
Batey unr (WLS)
Kissoon unr (ENG)
Hardy unr (ENG)
Clarke unr (ENG)
Richards unr (ENG)

Highgate masters

VENUE - Highgate Private Hospital, 17-19 View Road, Highgate N6
(Highgate Underground on the Northern Line)

ROUND TIMES - 9.30am and 4.30pm

1 IM Dunnington 2420
2 IM Siebrecht 2370 GER
3 IM Aagaard 2435 DEN
4 Bandyopadhyay 2275 IND
5 Karl Mah 2365
6 Webb 2290
7 Richardson 2260
8 Eoin Campbell 2050 SCO
9 Duncan 2325
10 Harari 2250 USA

RESERVE: Miroslav Houska, 2360



Round One

Dunnington-Richardson draw
Mah-Aagaard 0-1
Siebrecht-Webb draw
Houska-Harari draw
Duncan-Campbell draw

Round Two

Richardson-Campbell 1-0
Harari-Duncan draw
Webb-Houska 1-0
Aagaard-Siebrecht 1-0
Dunnington-Mah draw


Round Three

Mah-Richardson draw
Siebrecht-Dunnington 0-1
Houska-Aagaard 0-1
Duncan-Webb draw
Campbell-Harari 0-1

Round Four

Richardson-Harari 1-0
Webb-Campbell 1-0
Aagaard-Duncan 1-0
Dunnington-Houska 0-1
Mah-Siebrecht 1-0


Aagaard 4/4, Richardson, Webb 3, Mah, Dunnington, Harari 2, Houska,
Duncan 1.5, Siebrecht, Campbell 0.5

IM Norm 6.5/9

Mah - Siebrecht
Round 4, Highgate Masters, 1997

1 d4 f5 2 Bg5 h6 3 Bh4 g5 4 e4 Bg7 5 Bg3 f4 6 Bxf4 gxf4 7 Qh5+ Kf8 8
Qf5+ Ke8 9 Be2 Nf6 10 e5 d6 11 Qxf4 dxe5 12 dxe5 Nd5 13 Bh5+ Kd7 14 Qg4+
Kc6 15 Qxg7 Bf5 16 Bf3 Kb6 17 Bxd5 Qxd5 18 Nc3 Qg8 19 Qxg8 Rxg8 20 Nd5+
Kc5 21 Nxc7 Rxg2 22 Nxa8 Na6 23 c3 Rg8 24 Ne2 Rxa8 25 0-0-0 Rf8 26 Nd4
Kc4 27 Nxf5 Rxf5 28 Rd4+ Kb5 29 f4 Nc5 30 Kd2 Ne6 31 Rb4+ Kc6 32 Ke3 a5
33 Rc4+ Kb5 34 b3 Rh5 35 h4 Rf5 36 Rg1 Nc5 37 a4+ 1-0

THURSDAY 31st July

Round Five

Siebrecht-Richardson draw
Houska-Mah draw
Duncan-Dunnington draw
Campbell-Aagaard 0-1
Harari-Webb 0-1

Round Six

Richardson-Webb 0-1
Aagaard-Harari 0-1
Dunnington-Campbell 1-0
Mah-Duncan draw
Siebrecht-Houska draw


Aagaard, Webb 5/6, Dunnington, Richardson 3.5, Mah, Harari 3, Houska,
Duncan 2.5, Siebrecht 1.5, Campbell 0.5

The critical game of the day was the encounter between norm hunters
Richardson and Webb in the sixth round - a Grunfeld Defence, Russian
System. The IM norm of 6.5 seems well within Richard Webb's grasp, but
he still has to play Aagaard, Dunnington and Mah.

The leader, IM Jacob Aagaard, lost an exciting game to the USA's Zaki
Harari's favourite Albin Counter-Gambit.

Round 7

Houska-Richardson 1-0
Duncan-Siebrecht 0-1
Campbell-Mah 0-1
Harari-Dunnington 0-1
Webb-Aagaard draw

Round 8

Richardson-Aagaard draw
Dunnington-Webb draw
Mah-Harari 1-0
Siebrecht-Campbell 1-0
Houska-Duncan 1-0


Round 9

Duncan-Richardson draw
Campbell-Houska 0-1
Harari-Siebrecht 0-1
Webb-Mah 0-1
Aagaard-Dunnington draw


Jacob Aagaard (IM, DEN) and Karl Mah 6.5
Richard Webb 6
Angus Dunnington (IM) and Miroslav Houska 5.5
Sebastian Siebrecht (IM, GER) and John Richardson 4.5
Zaki Harari (USA) 3
Chris Duncan 2.5
Eoin Campbell (SCO) 0.5

The crucial game of the final round was the encounter between Richard
Webb and Karl Mah. Richard only needed a draw for his first IM norm in
his first ever APA competition, but 16-year old Karl Mah's first norm
was achieved with his fourth victory in a row after Webb chose a highly
aggressive variation against Mah's Dragon Sicilian. Karl now goes on to
compete in the British Championships in Hove and then to the European
Junior Championships.

As some consolation Richard picked up loads of rating points!

RATING EVENT: Mehmet Ali (2150) 7/9, Adam Raoof (2070), Lee Jacobs
(2070) and Mike Tasker 5.5, Nicholas Maloney (2100) and Majid Mashayekh
(2070) 5, Martin Crichton 4.5, Kevin Bailey 4, Simon Warman 3, Anderson
Christie 0.

Northumbrian Masters

Dear Chessfriends,

The 2nd Northumbrian Masters takes place from the 18-23 August, and the
Manchester International on 25 August-2 September 1997. Both
tournaments are open swiss events of nine rounds with title
opportunities and are held in the conference facilities of the
University of Northumbria and UMIST.

There is a total of 3,600 pounds in prize money on offer in these

Participants include GM Barua (IND), GM Arkell, IM Crouch, IM
Dunnington, IM Bosch (NL), IM Gormally etc plus title seekers Shaw
(SCO), Norris (SCO) and players from the USA, Italy and Portugal.

Special deals are available for rated juniors.

Information about either event can be obtained on 0181 202 0982.

I will be at the British from 3-15 August and you can contact me there
on 01273 292941 in an emergency or write to 17 St Georges Mews,

Or e-mail me on or (for Northumbria) contact Mr
Nigel Johnson on

Best wishes