London Internationals

Grandmaster, International master, and Open Events!

18-24 October 1997, University College School, Frognal, Hampstead NW3

Tournament Director: Adam Raoof (FIDE International Organiser)
Chief Arbiter: Les Blackstock (FIDE Arbiter)

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John Saunders at the  Four Nations Chess League web site has done excellent coverage of the events which includes round by round reports, and Chessbase format games for download. This section aims to provide complementary PGN and Java browse format of the games.



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Grandmaster Event 18-24 October - Category 10, average 2479 Elo

wpe10.jpg (4962 bytes)

Player Rating Country Player profile and web findings!
GM Bogdan Lalic 2600 wpe9.jpg (1527 bytes)
World ranking: 64
He is top board for his national team

Recent achievements:
GM Bogdan Lalic recently shared second place at the Drury Lane Grandmasters.
had a high final position in Hastings 1996-97. He also had a high position in the Deloitte & Touche festival, Jersey 97. His team won the European club cup 1996 - the Milo cup.

Books written include:
He has authored a book on the Queens Indian Defence.
GM Peter Wells 2530

wpe1.jpg (2292 bytes)

Making a welcome return to British competition after a number of years abroad. Resident in Budapest and the only English player to qualify from open competition for the forthcoming FIDE World championhip

Recent achievements:
Got married!. FIDE World championhip qualifier. Tied for third place at Antwep, Belgium

Books written include:
Has authored the complete semi-slav

GM McDonald 2490

wpe2.jpg (2292 bytes)

Winner of a succession of British all-play-all events in the last few years. An especially dangerous player when tournament favourite.

Books written include:
He has authored books on Planning and Mastering the French, Winnng with the Kalashnikov.

GM Shaked 2500

wpe7.jpg (2358 bytes)

1997 World Junior Champion and recently ratified as a GM at the FIDE Congress in Moldova, had a hard time in Tilburg, but definitely one to watch.

Recent achievements:
World Junior Championsip winner.
He also won the 1997 Interplay U.S. Junior Invitational Championship, a 10-player Round Robin, which was held June 21-29 in Bloomington.

Featured on the front page of Inside Chess, 1997, Issue 17.
Has two nicely annotated games featured on the front page of Chess Life Issue 15.

IM McShane 2455

wpe3.jpg (2292 bytes)

He is England's youngest ever International master at age 13! Set to be a future world championship contender.

Recent achievements:
A recent victory includes first equal at the Agency International, Category VI.
IM Gormally 2425

wpe4.jpg (2292 bytes)

One of England's fastest and most dramatically improving players. He recently took bronze medal at the Mind Sports Olympiad behind Adams and Sadler.
IM Turner 2445

wpe5.jpg (2292 bytes)

Young International Master

Recent achievements:
Recently graduated from Cambridge University (economics). Now a self-employed options trader, or something! Came very close to a GM norm this years British championship.

IM Pedersen 2435

wpe8.jpg (1343 bytes)

One of Denmark's leading International Masters.
IM Dunnington 2420

wpe6.jpg (2292 bytes)

Yorkshires top player. Weekly columnist for the Yorkshire Post and captain of the newly constituted White Rose squad in the 4NCL.

Books written include:
Has authored Winning with the catalan, Pawn power, Queens Gambit: Chigorin, How to play the Kings Indian Attack.
IM Rowson 2490

wpeA.jpg (1862 bytes)

Scotland's youngest international master looking set to become a grandmaster very soon.

Recent achievements:

The then 18 year old international master last year convincingly won a challenge match against GM Keith Arkell.

International Master Event 20-24 October - Schiller System (4 teams of 3)

wpe11.jpg (6129 bytes)

Player Rating Country
IM Kopec 2405 london3.jpg (2358 bytes)
IM Aagard 2435 wpe8.jpg (1343 bytes)
IM Panczyk 2385
FM Berry 2310 wpeC.jpg (1706 bytes)
FM Richardson 2260 london1.jpg (2292 bytes)
FM Gullaksen 2320 wpeE.jpg (1802 bytes)
FM Houska 2360 london1.jpg (2292 bytes)
FM Bates 2435 london1.jpg (2292 bytes)
Pert,R 2230 london1.jpg (2292 bytes)
Pert,N 2240 london1.jpg (2292 bytes)
J. Naylor 2280 london1.jpg (2292 bytes)
T.Gavriel 2190 london1.jpg (2275 bytes)



Note: The Open, IM events starts on Monday, whilst the GM tournament start this saturday!

SATURDAY 18th October

GM Draw 1pm in the Enav Library Round One: 3pm-10pm
IM Draw 1pm in the Enav Library

SUNDAY 19th October

GM Round Two: 10am-2pm, then adjourned Round Three 3pm-10pm

MONDAY 20th October

GM Adjournments 11am to finish Round Four 3pm-10pm
IM Round One 9.30am-3.30pm Roundd Two 4.30-
OPEN Round One 10am-3pm Round Two 4pm-9pm

TUESDAY 21st October

GM Round Five 10am-2pm + adj Round Six 3pm-10pm
IM Round Three 9.30am-3.30pm Round Four 4.30pm-
OPEN Round Three 10am-3pm Round Four 4pm-9pm

WEDNESDAY 22nd October

GM Adjournments 11am to finish Round Seven 3pm-10pm
IM Round Five 9.30am-3.30pm Round Six 4.30pm-
OPEN Round Five 10am-3pm Round Six 4pm-9pm

THURSDAY 23rd October

GM Round Eight 3pm-10pm
IM Round Seven 9.30am-3.30pm Round Eight 4.30pm-
OPEN Round Seven 10am-3pm Round Eight 4pm-9pm

FRIDAY 24th October

GM Round Nine 10am-5pm
IM Round Nine 9.30am-3.30pm
OPEN Round Nine 10am-3pm Prizegiving 4.30pm

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