The webmaster would like to thank the following people for their valuable input into Barnet Chess Club on-line.

Janet Edwardson of Chess Corner who's enthusiasm for the game is infectious. She is the best co-webmaster I could have ever hoped for, and has helped Barnet chess club on-line to maintain its friendly fun ethusiastic image.

Eduardo Suastegui for allowing the use of his excellent chess game playing applet, which give lots of chess web sites a much richer experience!

Graham Owen, a former work colleague at Dexion Ltd, for his formal paper on Computer chess

Chris Rogers, a friend from University, who offered an innovative way of using fonts in the Why Chess section

The excellent Edinburgh chess club for inspiring me to find some chess wallpaper.

The BCF and the London Chess Centre for their input into the UK events section.

Paul Georghiou, a friend, and club member at Barnet Chess Club

Peter Coleman,  a friend and club member at Barnet Chess Club.

Rob Holcombe, a friend from University, who gets over-exposure to BCC on-line without protective equipment!

Fuwah Poon, a friend from University, who offers a valuable non-chess player perspective, that ensures that BCC retains its openness and accessibility.

Nick, alias "Krakken", an English friend I have met on the ICC, who I continually pester to obtain feedback on changes made to BCC.

Jennie Hartman, An American friend I have met on the ICC who is responsible for one of the key decisions made early on in the site- to keep the knights on the left frame. As she saids, its more "personable".

John Saunders, a superb webmaster, and one who I seek for advice regarding how the site should develop. As John saids, the site should reflect your interests as much as anything else!

Paresh Vekayria, a non-chess playing friend from College who gives me valuable feedback.

Adam Raoof, a superb tournament organiser, who has opened Barnet Chess Club's eyes to UK events.



If you have not been mentioned, and have played a contributory part to BCC, I personally thankyou, and you email me to give me a reminder!