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Joining as an in-person member -A step by step guide!

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Barnet welcomes players of all strengths and ages. Barnet encourages women to join and currently has 3 female members. If you are interested in becoming an "in-person" member of Barnet chess club  then please use the following step by step guide!

Step 1 Send an email to Tryfon Gavriel (club marketing director)

If you send an email to me, saying you are going to come down to the club on a particular Monday, I will try my best to make it to the club that night or get people more aware in the club, that a new face may be appearing !

Step 2 Getting to Barnet chess club!

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Come along to the club on Monday night from around 7.30 onwards. The location details, shown below for convenience:-

(Map courtesy of , and thanks goes to Peter Coleman for the important arrow!)

Barnet chess club is situated at the spacious premises of the building called the "Fern Room", Salisbury Road (off Barnet High Street - see above map), Barnet, London, England (United Kingdom). The club night is on Monday at 7.30pm. Players of all strengths are always welcome to the club. The club has facilities for tea and coffee.

Getting there by tube

The nearest tube station is High Barnet (A Northern Line station). From High Barnet tube station, if you walk up the road, and keep to the right, you will pass a McDonald's, and then it will be the 2nd left turn to take you into Salisbury road. Barnet chess club is situated on the right.

Getting there by car

Barnet is three quarters of a mile from Junction 23 on the M25.

Step 3 - Getting an introduction to the club and games.

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On arriving at the club for the first time, please ask for any of the following BCC reps: Tryfon Gavriel, Herbert Blank, David Wilders and Paul Georghiou. They will tell you about the club, its activities, and coming events. They will also assess your strength, and help you find an appropriate playing partner.

In the event of the none of the reps. being around, and you are left unnoticed for more than 2 or 3 minutes, then please introduce yourself to someone or challenge someone to a game. If everyone seems to be tied up, playing in their own little world then just interrupt any game and introduce yourself. Be forceful!- we do want you ! Tell them that Tryfon Gavriel said to do this to get attention and ask if it is possible to play "winner stays on". This is where the winner of the game remains at the table, and the other two people take it in turns to challenge the winner. In this way, everyone can look forward to a game. 

The club once you get to know it is full of very friendly people, and if you want to play in any of the leagues, there are always teams which will have you no matter what level your chess strength is. There are also other implicit benefits of joining a chess club other than chess- the club brings together people from a wide range of different perspectives on life!

Step 4- Get your membership recorded

If you like the club, and want to officially join, the annual membership fees are competitive, with discounts given for juniors and unemployed people. The key person which is involved in official membership handling is Herbert Blank. If he is not around, please ask for Tryfon Gavriel, Paul Georghiou or Dave Wilders.