Episode Nine:Checkmate!

Written by: Gerald Kelsey
Script Editor: George Markstein
Produced by: David Tomblin
Directed by: Don Chaffey
Executive Producer: Patrick McGoohan
Guest stars:
Ronald Radd as the Rook, Patricia Jessel as the First Psychiatrist
Peter Wyngarde as Number 2, Rosalie Crutchley as the Queen, George
Coulouris as the Man With the Stick, Angelo Muscat as the Butler,
Bee Duffell as the Second Psychiatrist, Denis Shaw as the Shop-keeper.

A living chess game is in progress on the Village lawn.
The prisoner joins and is made Queen's pawn. Standing so
close to her, the prisoner engages her in conversation without rousing suspicion. He talks of escape and she counsels caution. A rook runs off the board in a daring attempt to escape. The game's umpire, the "Man With the Stick", has him seized and dragged off to the hospital for treatment. The prisoner sees him afterward and the rook is still hostile and rebellious, just the kind of man the prisoner is looking for to help him escape. Number 2, meanwhile, has taken the Queen and had her brain- washed. She believes herself and the prisoner to be madly in love. She is given a locket to wear that will keep the prisoner under constant surveillance. Number 2 finds out about the escape plan because of this, but Number 6 figures the locket out and takes it away. The escape plans continue. But Number 6 finds out that, ultimately, the rook has never trusted him because of his obvious air of contempt for authority. He believes that Number 6 is part of the Village establishment. Even as the prisoner succeeds in helping the rook to escape, he himself is left in the hands of the Village.