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Learn about Tactics

Chess for Success Chess Tutorial,
Chess Books,
History of Chess
Exeter Chess Club
Tactics Chess Handouts
An ABC of Chess Tactics
Solving Tactical Problems
Practical Tactics
Practical Tactics 2
Strategy and Tactics
Preparing for combinations
Upon the Pin Lessons in Philidor's Defence
Problems and studies
Tactical test
The Art of Analysis
Tactics quotes

Learn about Planning and strategy

What is a plan?
Assessing the elements
Forming a plan - a lively discussion!
Planning examples from the greats
Thinking schematically
A disaster in the Stonewall
Two weaknesses
Knight outposts
Bishops and things
The Fianchetto
Rooks on ranks and files
Kings and Queens
Opposite-coloured Bishops
Weak Pawns
Pawn formations
Pawn mobility
On manoeuvres
Weak Squares
The Isolated Queen's Pawn in the Queen's Gambit Accepted
Doubled c-pawns: Are they worth a Bishop?

Learn about Openings

A basic guide to chess openings
BCC Learning section!
Chesspublishing 1.e4 e5
Chesspublishing French defence
Chesspublishing Dragon Sicilian
Chesspublishing Open Sicilian
Chesspublishing e4 black defences
Chesspublishing 1.d4 d5
Chesspublishing d4 pawn specials
Chesspublishing Kings Indian
Chesspublishing Nimzo-indian
Exeter Chess Club Chess Openings Handouts
Steve Pribut's guide to ECO Codes
La Mecca Chess Encyclopaedia ECO Codes
games online
MECCA - Chess Encyclopedia ECO Codes Java Browser!
MECCA - Chess Encyclopedia - excellent guide to ECO codes Chess Sokolski 1.b4 Tom Purser's Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Pages

Newcomers to the game
Chess is Fun
Chess Rules
50 Chess Games for Beginners

Game Archive / annotated games (contains some annotated games)