Tactics in the context of positional play

Even if you want to base your style of play on Tal and be a highly combinative player, it is still very important to understand the fundamentals of positional play.  It is very important to have a game plan which you are roughly following. The game plan should be based on the fundamentals of the position which arise after the opening. 

An understanding of positional elements and how to manage the elements is an essential context for all the tactical insight and tips presented in this paper.

Damage can indeed be done by over-analysing and becoming distracted by the momentary factors in the position. You may be thinking you are exploiting to the maximum the unique placement of the pieces, but you may be doing damage to your overall game plan's simple and effective implementation. By going off on a tactical tangent which does not in reality gain that much you can distract yourself from your intended plan.

Chess is not easy!
Try and balance tactical reasoning with positional reasoning!
Respect your playing style and respect the needs of the position at the same time!

BCC on-line currrently has 2 element management papers:-

Doubled pawns

The following future positional papers are planned :-

Passed pawns
Isolated pawns
Pawn chains and undermining
The Centre
King safety
Weak squares and pawns
Piece activity


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