Garry Kasparov 

PCA World Champion
and highest FIDE rated player on the planet
at time of writing
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1st draft 19th August 2000


Personal Background

Match/ Tournament History
    up to1980

Chess philosophy and style

Other activities



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Relevant web sites
Barnet chess club's Kasparov page

Research references and credits

bulletThe Test of Time (1986) - Collection of writings covering all his major chess events from 1978 to 1984, culminating in his victories in the World Championship candidates matches
bulletChild of Change (autobiography,1987) - very detailed account from Kasparov's perspective of the events surrounding the World championship match in 1985 and 1986, and the lead up towards them. Kasparov's views on many aspects of the game and given
bulletGarry Kasparov, New World Chess Champion (1986) - games 1-24 of Moscow 1985, with penetrating commentary and annotations by Garry Kasparov
bulletManoeuvres in Moscow, Kasparov Karpov II (1985) - The story of the 2nd match after the controversially terminated 1st match
bulletShowdown in Seville, Kasparov Karpov IV (1987) - The fourth match was the 'high noon' to decide who would reign as undisputed king of the World of Chess. This book has detailed annotations of the games from this match 
bulletThe London-Leningrad Championship Games: Rematch Championship Games with Annotations by the World Champion (1987)
bulletThe Guiness Book of chess grandmasters (1996),William Hartston
bulletThe Oxford companion to chess (1987), David Hooper and Kenneth Whylde


Further reading

To obtain insights directly concerning Kasparov and his games, the following books are relevant:

bulletThe research references above!

His world championship match books not in the above research references....

bulletThe World chess championship: Karpov/Kasparov Moscow 1985
bulletThe centenary match Kasparov Karpov III
bulletKasparov vs Karpov round five
bulletWorld chess championship: Kasparov vs. Short
bulletKasparov versus Anand: The inside story of the 1995 World chess championship match

His Tournament games....

bulletGary Kasparov's fighting chess
bulletMortal Games: The turbulent genius of Garry Kasparov
bulletKasparov's winning chess tactics: how he thinks, how he chooses

Perhaps insights into Kasparov's thinking can be obtained via his teaching books....

bulletLessons in Chess (1997)
bulletGarry Kasparov's Chess Challenge (1996)
bulletGarry Kasparovís Chess Puzzle Book (1995)

Perhaps insight into Kasparov's opening repertoire can be obtained via the following book...

bulletBatsford Chess Openings 2 (Batsford Chess Library)

Perhaps Kasparov's loss against the computer Deep(er) Blue reveals some of Kasparov's weaknesses....

bulletKasparov vs. Deep Blue: Computer chess comes of age
bulletA new era: How Garry Kasparov changed the world of chess
bulletKasparov vs. Deep Blue: The Historic match between man and machine


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