Evolving suite of World Champions papers
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There is a world champions java browser as a preliminary taster for the following biographies!
These have a selection of the games of the following world champions sorted by date.
* Miniatures only

World Champion Country of origin World champ reign
William Steinitz Bohemia/ USA 1886-94
Emanuel Lasker Germany 1894-1921
José Raúl Capablanca Cuba 1921-27
Alexander Alekhine Russia/France 1927-35
Machgielis (Max Euwe) Holland 1935-37
Mikhail Botvinnik * USSR 1948-57; 1958-60; 1961-63
Vasily Smyslov USSR 1957-58
Mikhail Tal * USSR 1960-61
Tigran Petrosian * USSR 1963-69
Boris Spassky USSR 1969-72
Robert (Bobby) Fischer USA 1975-85
Anatoly Karpov * USSR 1975-85; current FIDE world champion
Gary Kasparov USSR 1985- current PCA World champion