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BritWeb pays tribute to the Late GM Tony Miles (1955-2001) 

Note: The Virtual presence of British GMs and IMs such as "Davenogood", "Airgun", "AttackGM", "Beatrice", "NDShort", "Speelman", "TonyM", "Mishtatef" and others is sometimes to be found on the popular Internet Chess Club (ICC) - Channel 67 is the British chat channel which you can join by typing : "+ channel 67" and also many British Masters and Grandmasters are now playing rest of world matches as

GMs and IMs

  1. David Howell (Future GM!)
  2. GM Nigel Davies page- webmaster  
  3. GM John Emms - Nimzo and Benoni Guru for  
  4. IM William Hartston - creativity correspondent  
  5. GM Tony Kosten - Flank openings Guru for
  6. GM Susan Lalic - "Queen one" at the  
  7. GM Jon Levitt's page
  8. IM Andrew Martin - e4
  9. GM Neil McDonald - French defence Guru for  
  10. GM Chris Ward - Dragons Guru for
  11. Malcolm Pein columns at the (New!)
  12. David Norwood at the (New!)
  13. Nigel Short at the (New!)


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