"Why are you nervous? Remember this is just a game. 
Have fun and show them what you got!"
Chawwadee Rompothong, Yale University women's golf team member

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Barnet Elizabethans wins first round of Herts Cup against a strong Royston team!


Barnet Elizabethans wins the Capes Chess Trophy for record 7th time!


Part of the Tactics Suite of papers has been updated in the learning section - the section on Combinatory Motifs - "Assessing the tactical elements"


Please note that the Barnet Congress may not be held this year due to issues relating to securing a Venue in Barnet. If you happen to know of a suitable venue which would meet our space requirements for the weekend, please contact Malcolm Harding via Email at: barnetchess@yahoo.co.uk



Part of the Tactics Suite of papers has been updated in the learning section - the section on Combinatory Motifs - "Assessing the tactical elements"


Please note that the Barnet Congress may not be held this year due to issues relating to securing a Venue in Barnet. If you happen to know of a suitable venue which would meet our space requirements for the weekend, please contact Malcolm Harding via Email at: barnetchess@yahoo.co.uk


The March 2011 Barnet Congress approaches . There is a 1 Barnet Congress approaches . There is a downloadable pdf entry form for the event.


The January 2010 Barnet Congress approaches at the end of this month. There is a downloadable pdf entry form for the event.

2007-08-30 the front page details for the Club


bulletWe now have a Club blog. The main idea is that we can more easily encourage potentially a number of contributing authors, and for it to be used as a complementary tool for this website.


bulletThe next Barnet congress will be held March 3-4th 2007. Here is a web-page version of the entry form


bulletHappy new year! Celebrate the new year with Barnet Congress coming up 21st and 22nd January 2006!
bulletPDF Document:The Barnet congress
bullet If you cannot open .pdf documents, here is a web-page version of the link


bulletNew seasons fixture list is available!


bulletWe hope that you can make it to the Barnet congress on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May 2002


bulletAs of 12th November 2001, Barnet chess club is now located at the Conservative club (33 High Street Barnet) on Barnet High Street- next to the Felix and Furkin pub! We meet there every Monday night at 7.30pm. This new venue features a bar (!) and is very spacious inside. This is a central location with free parking either in the high street opposite or in the FitzJohn Avenue around the corner- or the carpark round the corner which is free parking after 6.30pm
bulletwww.ChessWorld.net has consumed the Barnet chess club webmaster! I will try and integrate some of the content from this site more with that playing site over the next few months. 


bulletThe Email chess server element of this site has been spun off as www.chessworld.net but will soon have stronger linking to the content on this site. Recent improvements to it include:-
bulletA rating system (which has the BCF grading system underpinning it to simplify calculations)
bulletA variety of time limits
bulletTeam facilities
bulletBetter interface for moving the pieces- you get a highlighted square on the first click
bulletGuest view of games- for example you don't have to login anymore to have a look at one of my horrible losses against an ex-correspondence player from work! This game also demonstrates the high quality chess (my opponents moves anyway!) which Email chess makes possible!
bulletLoads more players to choose from from over 80 countries!


Even yet more improvements and facilities to report on for the Email chess playing server! in several key areas:-

bulletMoving is now quicker with "two click technology"  - one for the start square and one for the end square. You no longer have to wait after the first click!
bulletPlaying through games is now possible through a highly customisable Palview javascript browser!- you can adjust the size, colours and style of the chess set which you are playing through a game with!
bulletYou can now create specialised tournaments which can be from four to nine player all play alls and can be from a certain opening position. You can also impose entrance criteria such as the number of games entrants must have played on the server to ensure they are committed to the tournament!
bulletYou can now browse all the tournaments that are going on!
bulletYou can invite people to the tournament you are creating!
bulletThere is a player league and a world cup league to see how you and your country is doing in context!
bulletPlayer homepages
bulletEach player has their own photo album now which they can upload to from their local machine!
bulletYour past games are logically divided into wins with white and black, and losses with white and black, draws, and other results.
bulletGame Invitations
bulletWithin the players directory, you can now apply your own filter criteria which is stored for all future logins. This filter criteria can help you invite players that more accurately meet your requests. The filtering works in conjunction with the existing sorting options.
bulletYou can now invite people from the player league tables!


Yet more improvements and facilities to report on for the Email chess playing server! :-

bulletThe Interface has been improved - nice looking wooden buttons now on the right hand side instead of a sprawl of text hyperlinks
bulletA Join tournament facility has been added- this will enroll you for a four way all play all Email tournament. Once the fourth player joins, a cross table is sent by Email to all four players indicating which boards they are playing each other. The players play one game as white and one game as black against each of the three opponents - 12 games in total
bulletMany sorting options have been added to the players directory (Invite a member button)
bulletBoard reservations is now possible- if you choose this sit down to be chosen button, you can now click a check box at the end of the form indicating that you want your boards to be reserved. When you click the create boards button and go back to your boards list, you will see padlocks next to those created boards. You can safely invite friends by Email from these boards without worry about other people taking the opposite colour


bulletA few improvements have again been made to the Email chess playing server!:-
bulletThere is now an offer draw facility
bulletThe player homepages now show wins, draw and loss counters
bulletThere is now the ability to select a player from the players directory. This directory has over 300 players registered from a number of different countries and skill levels. It complements the existing matching system, (which makes the requirement of a player having to be seated at a board.) The players directory allows you to send an Email invitation to an opponent, who can then accept or decline that offer. If they accept, you are both automatically paired on a board, and both players are notified of the board number(s) by Email. In summary, there's less excuses now for not finding an opponent!


bulletThe FIDE players database has been enhanced by being able to select players by Country name as opposed to three character country code!
bulletEven more enhancements have been made to the Email chess playing server!.
bulletThere is now checking for check built in, which will hopefully prevent games being spoiled by Kings being able to be captured!
bulletThere is now a resign facility, to clearly mark a game as ended and adjust wins and losses for the players involved


bulletFurther improvements on the Email chess playing server!. Come on you hard cynics out there- start playing Email chess! It rocks!...
bulletYou can now see which pieces you have taken from the opponent on your side of the board. Many thanks to Martin Drory for this idea! 
bulletAlso you can now see more easily which boards it's your turn- because there is a follow up flag next to the board number- so don't be afraid to play multiple games of Email at the same time!. 
bulletCountry flags have been added on the find opponent facility giving the server a more international flavour!


bulletYou can now easily play multiple games of Email chess at once on the chess playing server. The boards that you occupy are indicated. It is only when you use the "stand up" function that you leave boards you are currently playing white or black on. 
bulletYou only receive an Email now when the opponent moves, as arguably it should be!


bulletFurther improvements have been made to the chess playing server :- There is now board flipping according to what colour you are. This allows you to play your pieces up the board even if you have the black pieces! (No excuses now for my IT manager losing:-) )There is also now the ability to send Email messages to the opponent. This might be useful if you haven't seen a move from them for days!
bulletAnd for the "real world" of chess where driving to places to play chess is often an issue, A MapBlast facility has now been added to BritWeb. This can give you driving directions between locations in the UK, and for a number of other countries in fact!


bulletThe interface on the chess playing server has been dramatically revamped, and there is now an invite a friend Email facility. Re-registration is however necessary to take advantage of the powerful player matching facilities which are soon to be built into it.


bulletEmail notification has been improved on the chess playing server by sending the latest position as well as the move played! Therefore you could print out your Email (if you have a printer), and examine the board position more conveniently for your next move, e.g. on the train to work :-)


bulletBarnet chess club has moved to a much more spacious hall at Queen Elizabeth Boys School in Barnet. The About BCC section has been updated with the relevant directions for getting there!


bulletWork has been carried out on the chess playing server to make it more user friendly and less time sensitive for finding opponents. With these two goals in mind, Email Notification is now the default, and there is more guidance for what to do next. The browse boards facility has also been improved. Feedback welcome!


bulletThe openings database now has the flexibility to allow you to choose move depth for the opening names shown. For example, if you want to see the names of over 2000 openings, then this can be achieved by setting the move depth to 36!


bulletHappy new year from Barnet chess club on-line !
bulletIf you are interested in discussing British chess, please join the newly created Britweb Egroup
bulletWe hope that you can make it to the Barnet congress this coming weekend the 6th and 7th!


bulletThanks to an avid readers contribution there are another 64 things you must do in chess before its too late! 
bulletThe chatting section has been slightly revised with two new links to chess experts at Allexperts.com and the chess Egroups at egroups.com. These are both very interesting and potentially useful chess facilities


bulletCelebrate the new year by playing in the Barnet congress 6th-7th January!


bulletThere is now a christmas fun special: 100 things you must do in chess before its too late!


bulletFor Internet Explorer 5 users, there is now a "quick board" facility on the chess playing server. This avoids the chess board having to be annoyingly refreshed. To use this facility you must download and run the following Microsoft downloads: MSXML3.0 and then download and run XMLINST.EXE Then after closing an re-opening the browser, the "Quick board" link on the chess playing server should work properly!

For those interested in a brief background to these two downloads: The MSXML3.0 (takes about 2 minutes to download) is Microsoft's latest implementation of XML and its related technologies including XSLT. The XMLINST.EXE (takes a few seconds to download) will ensure that your browser will employ MSXML3.0 instead of the default version which is currently 18 months old in Internet Explorer 5.


bulletYou can now play through the games of the topical Kasparov Kramnik match, which has resulted in Kramnik becoming the new Braingames.net world champion!


bulletThere is a thought provoking article entitled "It all depends.." now available in the learning section


bulletYou can now virtually sit at boards (with either the White or Black pieces selected) in the Barnet chess club playing server! This obviously increases board security and integrity by facilitating a two player game that observers/ chessboard vandals can not play moves on!


bulletSome Barnet chess club members watched live the 1st game of the Kasparov-Kramnik encounter held in Hammersmith, London. There is a report of this game now available!


bulletEmail nofication has now been integrated into the Barnet chess club playing server. Even if there are no opponents currently available, one can go to a board, make a move, then use the combo box to select "Email me any moves played", and logout. Any players subsequently logging into the server and playing a move on that board will result in an email being sent to your Email address that was given at registration indicating that a move has been played there.
bulletValidation checks including the basics of piece movements, pieces not being able to jump over other pieces, castling, and pawn promotion (defaulting to Queen) have been implemented. Also more subtle validation such as if the King moves, it cannot castle, has been implemented. However there is still much legal move validation work to carry out which demonstrates how difficult and daunting chess must be to beginners of the game!


bulletA virtual Barnet chess club on-line is being created with the ability now to see what boards potential opponents are on in the experimental chess playing server!


bulletLatest GM Baburin articles now available!


bulletYou've heard of the ICC, now there is the BCC! You can now click on the pieces in the experimental chess playing server! . To drop the piece onto a destination square, just click the destination square! Also the board where there was last activity is indicated at the top, ("Last move played on board...") so you can go to where the action is/ your potential opponent(s)
bulletThere will be a Paul Georghiou simultaneous display on the 25th September at Barnet chess club! starting at 7.45pm. Be there or be square! Paul is now BCF 215


bulletBarnet chess club on-line now has an experimental chess playing server! The first two boards have been mucked around with, but boards 3  to 10 are ready for action! User logins are the next logical step for this server, but for the moment anyone can make moves on any board!


bulletThe openings database now has the start positions for many openings. Underneath the start position is a games link which links to the awesome ChessBase on-line which apparently has over 1.7 million games and is updated weekly!!



Slight content restructuring. There is now a section on the left frame called "TheElite" (replacing Kasparov) which is designed to focus on the top ten active players in the World!


bulletGarry Kasparov has now been added to the chess culture section of this site! See how this amazingly talented Russian player shot to fame to become the official 13th FIDE world champion and the current PCA world champion!


bulletA review of John Nunn's razor sharp Najdorf 6) Bg5 Sicilian book is now available courtesy of Professor Nagesh Havanur, who has written articles for ChessMate India. Permission has kindly been granted by Professor Havanur and also by Mr. Arvind Aaron , publisher of ChessMate india for Barnet chess club to republish this book review!


bulletThe FIDE rating database now has links to the mighty on-line ChessBase database, which has over one million games. The two relevant columns are the ChessBase(White) and ChessBase(Black) which look up games of the player in question with them having the White and Black pieces respectively!


bulletLies, damn lies and statistics! The FIDE rating database now has links to statistics on the Country Code and FIDE rating columns. Russia appears to dominate in most of the selected categories showing that it is still the top chess playing nation! Germany beats Russia on the sheer number of FIDE rated players. England (this site's country context) is also high up in the rankings!


bulletBenefiting from the sheer power of the web, some web power search tools have been added to the two big recent databases, the FIDE ratings database and the openings database.
These power search tools are:- 
bulletGoogle:- Arguably the best search engine for the web, which now powers Yahoo! (qualified by keyword chess)
bulletDeja news:- Arguably the best search engine for the newsgroups (qualified by the 4 main rec.games.chess newsgroups
bulletAmazon:- Arguably the biggest on-line bookstore


bulletThe searchable database of July 2000 FIDE ratings now has PGN download links for the "2600 club"- the top 100 players in the World! 
bulletThe openings database now allows more flexible and easier searching, e.g. if you wanted to search for the "Frankenstein-Dracula variation" of the Vienna, you can simply type "Franken" in the Opening name search box, and it will be found!
bulletFor country flag enthusiasts, the World Chess Clubs section has been more heavily flagged!


bulletThe searchable database of July 2000 FIDE ratings has been enhanced with more effective navigation and also now has downloadable PGN zip files for the World top 20! (Click on ID_number)
bulletThe grading page has been revamped, and has chess trivia related to the cult TV series "The Prisoner" !
bulletNational flags now accompany the World chess club database! You are invited to add your local club details to it!


bulletThere is now a searchable database of July 2000 FIDE ratings
bulletThe openings database has been improved with the ability to now play through the opening moves on a chessboard making use of the excellent Internet chess Club game viewer! Simply click on the moves, then press the submit button on the subsequent form!


bullet"Gens una sumus" - We are one race! The motto of FIDE seems clearly evident by the sheer diversity of countries who have many registered player FIDE ratings. http://www.fide.com has a downloadable list of FIDE ratings for July 2000


bulletThere is now a searchable database of openings and their ECO codes as well as the already created zooming facility!
bulletImprovements have been made to the experimental UK chess database page in particular to the following:- View clubs added (key details); View associations and counties; View federations, unions and national bodies
bulletMany thanks to Daniel Bird (webmaster work colleague) who provided insight on a neat Active Server Pages linking trick that has been utilised in both the above new site additions!


bulletFor Sicilian Scheveningen fans (ECO codes B80-B89), there is a 2 meg download containing about 12,000 games This can be found under the diagram for B8!


bulletFor French defence fans this time, there is a 1 meg download containing over 6000 games for ECO Codes C18-C19 - more affectionately known as the popular French Defence Winawer variation!


bulletThere is a big zipped pgn download (2.3meg) containing over 13,000 games under the Sicilian Dragon (B7) now available for all the Sicilian Dragon fans out there/ those wanting to get to grips with the Dragon!


bulletHow good are you at identifying openings? Under the ECO (Encyclopedia of Chess Openings), there is a structured coding system which can act as a useful framework for identifying opening variations. See this system in an interesting way (relatively speaking) and check out games and websites for "A00"!


bulletNew FIDE rating list, see who is in the new World top 10 and download their games!


bulletSpecial report: Should we be using PGN/ Chessbase format?
bulletAmount of Larsen games for download on Who is the greatest chess player in history page has been doubled to over 1000 games (old fashioned PGN format) to download from this great Dane!


bulletWorld chess club database ready for your input!
bulletBritweb chess club database extended to include associations federations, and players


bulletThere is now an experimental Britweb chess club database!


bulletWho is the greatest chess player in history? This page is hopefully the start of an interesting debate which will hopefully evolve with interesting methods to find the answer to this very difficult/ impossible to answer question!
bulletAfter the disappointing performance of British footballers in the Euro 2000, chess fans can take consolation with Michael Adams's great tournament results this year. Michael Adams Report 2000 now available!



There is a picture report on the UK Schools Chess Challenge 2000 and some tutorial links for teachers and parents


There are selected pictures from the Redbus Knockout 2000 now available


bulletChess crossword now available in the Gamezone section!


bulletThe chess club links have been extended beyond BritWeb and US Web.. you can now explore chess clubs worldwide!


bulletLooking for great content in book form? Using cutting edge database technology, Amazon.com have provided a really interesting list of chess books ranked by average customer review!


bulletTechnical white paper on handling the Dutch stonewall defence now available!
bulletSpecial chessworld.net Chicago picture report and some relevant chess links!


bulletThe future of chess lies with children! Make sure your kids have looked at the following articles in the learning section:- Intro to the pieces, The more powerful chessmen, Check and checkmate, Castling, En passant pawn captures, How games are drawn, How games are recorded, Checkmate quiz 


bulletLatest GM Baburin articles now available!


bulletThere are lots of clubs and other types of chess organisations in the United States of America, and you may find US Web useful in finding ones of interest!


bulletThere is a paper on re-assessing your chess happiness now available in the learning section!


bulletTo mark the beginning of the millennium this site has been renamed to chessworld.net which is more indicative of the global content which the site aims to provide. Barnet chess club will however remain a featured club


bulletThe webmasters wish you a happy new year and new millennium! 
bulletThere are a couple of annotated Kasparov games for you to enjoy. Looking at top player games (in this case Kasparov for the foreseeable future) will become a new regular feature of the site, so look out for the "latest Kasparov games" link on the front page!
bulletThe Fischer paper has been divided up into sections and tidied up a bit!


bulletThere is now a paper available on another great chess player Robert J. Fischer also known as Bobby Fischer


bulletFind out about the man who successfully managed to dethrone Capablanca - Alexander Alekhine 


bulletPossibly the greatest naturally gifted chess player ever to walk the earth... find out about Capablanca!


bulletBarnet chess club on-line is now able to become a more interactive Internet chess club website with the arrival of Gooey technology! Once installed it allows you to chat (and play chess if you exchanged moves instead of words!) with other people browsing this site! Hopefully the makers will make a chess board plug in soon!


bulletChristmas (not too long away now!) can often provide a difficult challenge finding appropriate presents for people. To help you find presents for your fellow chess maniac friends, there is a Christmas chess book present selection now available!


bulletWhat's new section has been archived!
bulletThe British Blitz championship sponsored by Chessmaster report has been updated with individual results and Adam Raoof's report summary. It now also has the game Adams-Arkell. Adams obtained a massive BCF 276 rating performance which can be seen on the individual results.

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