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No. 20a, 13th of January 2000

© 1999,2000 by GM Alexander Baburin

Dear Friends!

This is just a short message with a few announcements - a new issue of CBC will be out next week.

Chess Auction Is On This Sunday!

I would like to remind you that on the 16th of January the International Chess Auctions will hold a chess auction at 3 Eagle Hill, Blackrock, Co. Dublin at 3 p.m. local time. Please have a look at our auction catalogue, available for viewing and downloading at Sometimes there are problems with downloading it (I guess it depends on traffic at the server). If you have any problem please e-mail me and I will gladly forward you the catalogue as pdf file (487K) or Word 97 (791K) file (please specify!).

Just a few highlights of the auction: you can buy autographs of Lasker, Marshall, Capablanca, Keres, Smyslov, Tal, Petrosian, Fischer, Kasparov and many other famous GMs, as well as rare books and periodicals. There are some inexpensive books on offer too, for example 100 different Trends booklets (lot No. 35), as well as lots No. 21 and 34. We also offer some very curious chess pins.

You don't have to be in Dublin to take part in the auction, as you can bid via e-mail, post or phone. At the auction we will use proxy bidding, when you specify your highest bid and we bid on your behalf. Not necessarily you will have to pay your maximum amount. For example, somebody bids 20 euro and your bid is 40 euro. Then you bid wins at 20 euro + the increment (say 2 euro), not at 40 euro. This is provided that your bid has reached the (hidden) reserve. This is very similar to auctions at e-Bay.

Please specify your bids in euro, as otherwise it will be more difficult to compare the bids. At the moment 1 euro is about $1.02. Please also give lots numbers and their titles. If you buy anything at our auction, you will be invoiced in euro, except if you live in the country, which adopted euro, as then you can be invoiced in your national currency. There are no minimum bids at this auction, but we would not recommend putting a bid, which is less than 60% of the estimate.

We hope that our auction will serve well both sellers and buyers, becoming a popular place among people collecting chess items, whether they want to buy or sell anything. The auction has been advertised in 'Chess Life' (USA) and 'Chess Monthly' (UK), as well as on the Internet. We plan to follow this up with ads in Germany and other countries. If you would like to offer anything for sale at our second auction, please contact me. International Chess Auctions ( can also help you with free evaluation. The second auction is provisionally scheduled for May 2000, but it could be held even earlier, depending on the interest towards it.

Finally, if you would like to take part in the auction, please do not leave sending your bids until Sunday, as there could be some unexpected problems (e.g. my IP could be down, etc.) I always send a confirmation of any bid submitted. Your comments and suggestions regarding the auction are most welcome!

News From The Web

First of all, I'd like to let you know that there is some new stuff at my site. Recently I added 'Endings' page (>), where I plan to show selected endgames from some of my articles, as well as my unpublished analysis. There is already one curious ending analysed there. I received it from a CBC reader from Japan.

I also created 'News' page (, where you can now read information about Oscar-1999. If you write about chess for a magazine, newspaper or Web site, you can take part in this poll. Information about some top players and their results in 1999 is also available there. Today I will probably add an interview with World's youngest GM Ruslan Ponomariov at that page - stay tuned!

This week I will add another page to my site - 'Grandmaster Forum', where chess professionals and enthusiasts alike can share their views on modern chess. You are welcome to e-mail me with your thoughts. I must add however, that my Web-master Michael Dooley and I reserve a right to edit any material sent to us - in order to avoid much heated and often pointless discussions, which sometimes take place on newsgroups. Another new feature, which soon will be available, is 'Weekly Chat' - check the site for details.

Club Kasparov

Much delayed new version of the Club Kasparov site is finally out - check it at The site certainly looks very fancy, with lots of graphics. It has an impressive list of contributors too, so it should be a great place to read chess news, etc.

Meanwhile there is an interesting open letter from Mr. Feng-hsiung Hsu, one of the Deep Blue programmers, published at TWIC. You can find material called 'The End of the Deep Blue Saga?' at

OneList server will have its maintenance this Friday and Saturday, so if you wish to contact me on these days, please use>.

Have a nice weekend!

Technical Support

I am very grateful to Igor Yagolnitser for his help with this project. For assistance regarding CBC, please contact Igor at

Alexander Baburin, Dublin
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