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Kasparov vs. rest of world

Barnet Chess Club perspective

Game analysis (pgn download file)

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The "rebel forces" that fought bravely against the dark side
- May the force be with us in our next battle !

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Final position
The World resigned

The show may be over but as GM Chess School saids , let's find a new show :-)

The World (Black)

Kasparov (White)

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See how Kasparov lost to deeper blue!

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Brilliant Kasparov game finishes!


Club Kasparov

The dark side- Kasparov (and probably a select network of grandmasters/ computer resources)

The North London Barnet Chess Club based in the UK is enjoying providing independent coverage for this game. Never before has a chess game engendered so much camaraderie!. Usually this is restricted to Football matches! Even if the World loses, this game will go down in history as one of the most heavily analysed chess games every played!

Sicilian Defense, World variation: 10...Qe6!? NOVELTY!

Garry Kasparov`s reaction:

"Congratulations for a new move! The world is making valuable contribution for the opening theory! That is completely refuting the notion about low quality of the moves selected on the majority basis! I also think that my comment after 3...Bd7 (chess is still macho game, remember?) played certain role for the last choice. This time boys attempts to play a quiet solid game have totally failed under girls pressure to complicate the position! Whatever happens, chess is going to be enriched by the exciting game!"

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