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In world-team spirit to find the best move to beat Kasparov, Barnet chess club recommends you additionally going to other sites before submitting your voting move! :-

Visiting GM Chess School
Visiting Chess of Style
Visiting the Computer Chess Team
Downloading Irina Krush, GM Henley and co. analysis from SmartChess on-line Note: You will need "Chessbase" for best viewing. You can obtain a free version of Chessbase called ChessBase Light from 
Looking at the postings in the World team strategy bulletin board This is the most active bulletin board.
Looking at the postings in the General discussion bulletin board
Increasing awareness of public opinion in the pre-voting site!
Looking at the PGN to HTML translations and forum at
KvW Links to sites supporting this event - A site that contains floating window of links, transcripts of Danny Kings Chat's, Split frame content of MSN pages!
Chess Tree site

Interesting links for background to this epic game:-

British Grandmaster Jon Speelman audio commentary (You need Real Audio)
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) page
Yahoo's page
Time Magazine - Kasparov's world war
San Francisco Chronicle