Chess thoughts and trivia raised by Amazon's top books (as of 22/5/99)!

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Body for Life
by Bill Phillips

Chess thoughts and trivia....

Chess players can get lots of exercise by lifting heavy pieces up and having particularly long games! Also "living chess" is very energetic!

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Just get 15 other friends, and play out a game of chess in your garden (see above picture for example). Being a Knight is particularly energetic because you can sometimes move repeatedly from one square to the next, thus getting more exercise!

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Encore Provence : New Adventures in the South of France
by Peter Mayle

Chess thoughts and trivia....

This book is arguably about experiencing a different culture. Top professional players who play in tournaments abroad must surely miss their home towns. However they are in a great position to bring back cultural elements from their experiences!

Quoting GM Baburin : "I like to travel and try to visit new places. This is one of the things I like about chess - it gives opportunity to see different countries and helps to make friends over there. Though the list of countries, which I've visited, is still quite small, I work on expanding it. For example, in March 1997 I had a very interesting tour in USA, which my friend IM John Donaldson helped me to put together. My route was spectacular: Dublin-Los Angeles-New York-Seattle-Las Vegas-Hawaii-Alaska-Florida-Dublin. Not often one gets a chance to see such different places in just 45 days! Last year I visited Bermuda and Andorra for the first time, while this year I've added India to my list and soon will play in Cuba. "

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by Thomas Harris
Not Yet Published -- On Order

Chess thoughts and trivia....

Sometimes your opponent can seem like a Hannibal Lecter being able to anticipate all your moves in advance! Instead of simply finishing you off quickly, they just systematically munch all your pieces or keep the pressure on, until you have no psychological resistance left!

6. Cryptonomicon
by Neal Stephenson

Chess thoughts and trivia....

Did you know that chess players were hired during the war as code breakers! It was assumed that they would be naturally good at finding the patterns in the military codes.

8. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (Darth Maul Cover)
by Terry Brooks

Chess thoughts and trivia....

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You can be a Darth Vader to your opponent by breathing heavily during the game, and saying "I feel the force in this one!" if you want to give your opponent some praise when they play a good move!