February '99 Barnet Chess Club Trivia Quiz

Question #1: What chess notation does this represent?: E4

Forsyth notation
Short Algebraic
Long Algebraic
Descriptive notation

Question #2: What does this sign identify within an annotated game:guess.gif (844 bytes)

Slight Advantage for White
Black has a decisive advantage
White has the initiative
White has a forced mate

Question #3: Who is this famous player who featured in a very well known chess novel and film on BBC 2 recently?

Dean Ippolito
Jonathon Parker
Joshua Waitzkin
Garry Kasparov

Question #4: There are five world champions in the picture above. At which tournament was this picture taken?

Hastings 1931
Avro 1940
Nottingham 1936
WC Candidates championship 1965

Question #5: Which world chess champion said :"All I want to do ever is play chess"

Bobby Fischer
Mikhail Tal
William Steinitz
Mikhail Botvinnik

Question #6: How many moves is the shortest possible checkmate?

One move
Two moves
Three moves
Four moves

Question #7: Who is this grandmaster?

Vassily Smyslov
Tigran Petrosian
Mikhail Tal
Bobby Fischer

Question #8: What is the most valuable piece on the Chessboard?

The bishop
The queen
The king
The rook

 Question #9: Which opening used to be named after a river?

The Kings Indian
The Benko Gambit
The Gruenfeld defence
The Sicillian Defence

Question #10: Who is this Grandmaster?

James Plaskett
Vladmir Kramnik
Nigel Short
Vassily Smyslov


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