"There are two sorts of curiosity -- the momentary and the permanent.
The momentary is concerned with the odd appearance on the surface of things.
The permanent is attracted by the amazing and consecutive life that flows on beneath the surface of things."

-Robert Lynd, Solomon in All His Glory

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News articles
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About Barnet Chess Club About BCC

Member Games
Herts League
North Circular League
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Playing! Playing

Barnet chess club
A club, league or county in the UK
The Internet Chess Club
Correspondence chess via e-mail
UK tournaments- events diary

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Why Chess?
Learn to Play Chess
Opening technical Articles
Middlegame technical Articles
Winning Tips
Improving Tips
Book reviews
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Computer Products
Player Biographies
Chess quiz.

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Agency Grandmasters cat 9
Easter chess congress '98
London Internationals '98
FIDE World championship '97
Easter chess congress '97
Drury Lane Grandmasters
BCF Championship main '97
London Internationals '97
Surrey 98- BCC perspective!
Victorious against Hertford
Member Games archive!
Kasparov Deep Blue
Aeigon 1996 Man Machine Tournament (Java Browser)
Future of Internet chess based on trust???

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Chess Books
Chess computers and software packages
Chess Monthly Magazine

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ICC channels  defined
Chess Newsgroups
Community literature reviews
Barnet chess club chat room

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Grading! Grading

BCF performance calculator
BCF to ELO/USCF calculator

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Chess Puzzles?
Why Chess?
Kingscrusher  Games
Famous chess quotes
'97 Christmas quiz
Robby the Robot introduces Barnet on-line!

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General needs
Computer chess

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