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Blitz chess is fast, fun and furious!


What is the value of playing blitz chess?

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This section is mainly for entertainment, but some games may accidentally have instructional value!. If you want to see chess games which have no tactical mistakes, the blitz games below are definitely not for you!. Look at the computer chess games of strong programs instead or long time limit Grandmaster games. These blitz games positively feature millions of blunders, mice with their own will, lots of wins on time or through time pressure and generally horrendous but fun and exciting chess. Welcome to my blitz chess games collection !

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Blitz chess by its nature has great entertainment value and is highly addictive. Internet blitz chess is especially addictive because there is such a wide variety of opponents and it is available 24 hours a day. Tests for addiction include:-
Your % life spent on the ICC > 5% ( or >95% if you are beyond help)
You have to have another phone line installed to still talk to your friends
You find yourself playing chess on the Internet whilst talking to your friends
You find yourself playing chess at 4 o clock in the morning, especially if you have joined an ICC tournament and feel compelled to see it through

I hope you enjoy this section!

Tryfon (alias Kingscrusher)

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What is the value of playing Blitz chess?

Advantages of Blitz chess

It is fast, fun and furious ! This is the number 1 reason for playing blitz chess!

It exposes one to lots of positions very quickly!

One can experiment with a wide range of openings and ideas!

One can play against a variety of opposition!

Disadvantages of Blitz chess

For long serious chess games, blitz chess may not be the best teacher for the following reasons:-

It encourages superficiality, and "instinct" chess

It encourages playing for the initiative at the possible expense of soundness, and cold calculation. The initiative is particular powerful in blitz chess, because the opponent has limited time to beat off unsound attacks for example.

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There is a Java Games browser which has Kingscrusher 98 games arranged by month from April 98 up to December 24th 1998.

Kingscrusher 1999 Miniatures (as of April 99) now available!

Web page reports with diagrams highlighting key positions

If you have Chessbase on your machine (Chessbase light is free), there is a trick you can use to look at these fun games!

Issue 10 (May 98, 2nd half)
Issue 9 (May 98)
Issue 8 (April 98)
Issue 7 (Last game, 24th March 1998)
Issue 6
Issue 5
Issue 4
Issue 3
Issue 2
Issue 1

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