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"A Passed Pawn increases in strength as the number of pieces on the board diminishes". - Capablanca

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Capablanca's Best Chess Endings (New!)
by Irving Chernev

Reviewer: A reader from Denver, CO
Chernev examines and explains sixty of the great Cuban's best endgames in a very clear fashion and makes it all fascinating. An interesting way to learn more endgame knowledge painlessly, witnessing Capa deconstructing Lasker, Alekhine, Flohr, etc. Budget-priced too.


Mastering the Endgame, Volume 2 (New!)
by M.I. Shereshevsky, Ken Neat (Translator), L. Slutsky (Contributor)

Reviewer: A reader from Boston USA 
Teaches you how to take a middle game position and carry it into the endgame. It give you the entire game,and shows you how to go from each phase of the game into the next phase.


Rate Your Endgame by Edmar Mednis (New!)

Review by a reader from Las Vegas, NV
For most chessplayers, even very strong ones, studying the endgame is painfully boring. This book is one of the few genuinely entertaining and instructive books available on this subject. The book concentrates on practical endgame situations, rather than bore the reader with such stuff as mate with B and N, which one may be required to perform once every five thousand games or so.


Endgame Play by British GM Chris Ward

Book Description
Chess pros usually win with an extra pawn, or even with a slight endgame advantage. But many tournament players discover from experience how easy it is to go wrong, even in the simplest of endgames. GM Chris Ward explains in easy steps how to handle endgame situations such as: Using your King; Which pawns are the most important; Keeping your pieces active; Making things difficult for your opponent; And traps to avoid, and set! An easy to use, step-by-step book filled with practical test positions.


Grandmaster Secret Endings by GM Andrew Soltis

A reader from Milwaukee, WI , June 4, 1998 
One of the top 3 books ever written on the endgame of chess! Soltis' book on the endgame is both a joy and a revelation. In it, he discloses secrets, yes secrets, about the endgame I've not found in any other chess book. The opening chapters cover such topics as: why the best move of the endgame is to walk around the room as soon as the queens are exchanged....


Basic Chess Endings by Reuben Fine

Book Description
"This is the definitive work on the endgame, which all serious students of the game have been waiting for. It is a prodigious feat of chess scholarship, presented to the reader in clear, pithy language, full of telling phrases that will linger in the memory and rise to aid the harassed competitor just when he needs it most.... The authoritative reference work on the subject.... Reuben Fine's book is indispensable."-- The New York Times

"Grandmaster Fine has done a brilliant piece of work. There is no doubt that it will receive the recognition of the entire chess world."

-- M. M. Botvinnik


A Guide to Chess Endings 
by MacHgielis Euwe, Max Euwe (a former World Champion!), David Hopper

A reviewer from Michigan, USA
What more can we say about a book whose author is no other than former World Champ Dutch player Dr.Max Euwe ? An exhaustive coverage of all the probable cases in end-theory with excellent annotations too. A must-buy for every serious player.The sequence of the chapters is somewhat erratic..but on the whole superb book..A `Bhagwad Gita' for all who wanna make it big in Chess.


Pandolfini's Endgame Course - Bruce Pandolfini
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Sets out one endgame example per page and covers every endgame category in order of difficulty.