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"The middlegame I repeat is chess itself; chess with all its possibilities, its attacks, defences, sacrifices, etc." - Znosko-Borovsky

"Before the endgame, the gods have placed the middlegame." - Tarrasch

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The Art of the Middle Game

A reader from Washington State , May 19, 1999 
A very deep and rewarding book
I am somewhat of an intermediate player trying to improve, partly from the help of this book. I have found the analysis contained in it very enlightening and educational. I have not gotten to the chapters by Kotov(though I will-I need the most help on the topics about which Keres writes). A caveat for the beginner-it is very deep, even for someone with experience, but it is well worth the time spent.

My System : 21st Century Edition

London Times
"This is a revolutionary re-editing of a revolutionary book" --Grandmaster Raymond Keene

Book Description
This is the all-time chess classic of Aron Nimzowitsch, now provided in algebraic notation and updated to modern understandable English. One of the three or four best selling chess books of all time. Contains 419 diagrams. Recommended by Grandmasters and masters for 75 years! Completely modernized in this 1991 edition.

From the Back Cover
"One of the most stimulating books ever written on chess."-- Reuben Fine

How to Reassess Your Chess

A reader from London, England , May 28, 1999
One of the very best instructional books ever written
This book helped me to become an Expert and is helping me to (hopefully) become a Master. As a guide to positional chess, it is less advanced than Nimzowitsch's My System but every bit as important. Indeed, without knowing the basic concepts explained here, I doubt if it's possible to understand Nimzowitsch. If it has a fault, it would be that a reader could easily get the impression that positional ideas are more importaant than tactics.

The Inner Game of Chess

Chess is 99 percent calculation and this book is devoted entirely to this most mysterious and essential chess technique. "The Inner Game of Chess" examines both the technical and practical aspects of how to think ahead--the selection of candidate moves, the evaluation of end positions, finding the proper move order, and the like.

About the Author
Andrew Soltis is an International Grandmaster, a former U.S. Open Champion, and the author of more than seventy books. He writes an award-winning column for Chess Life magazine.

The Art of Attack in Chess