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Pawns are the soul of chess - Philidor

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Pawn Structure Chess (McKay Chess Library)
by GM Andrew Soltis

Book Synopsis
In the game of chess, pawns are usually considered weak because of their limited range of movement. Understanding how pawns affect strategy is the subject of this important book. Here, players learn characteristic pawn structure; how to recognize strengths and weaknesses of pawn chains; when to exchange pawns in the center--and when not to; how to create and exploit pawn "holes", and much more.


Pawn Power in Chess by Hans Kmoch

A reader from Austin, Texas USA , May 21, 1999
Profound treatment of under appreciated aspect of the game.
Very clear presentation of the elements of pawn play in all aspects of the game. Excellent, clear examples from real games with insightful analysis but without the dozens of variations that make for dense print,heavy reading and constant resetting of the pieces. Individual chapters on pawns and knights, pawns and bishops, pawns and rooks, as well as treatment of good and bad bishops, knights vs bishops, etc. Great illustrative game excerpts with just the subject pieces and also in combination with other pieces....


Winning Pawn Structures by GM Baburin

Authored by Barnet chess club's guest Grandmaster columnist- GM Alexander Baburin- see his excellent "Coffee break" articles!

A reader from San Francisco, Ca. USA , April 9, 1999
Clear explanation of isolated and hanging pawns
excellent review of the tactics occassioned by isolated and hanging pawn structure, for example the d5 push the f7 sac etc. Perhaps better than Pachman's or Euwe's work on same subject.


Hanging Pawns
by GM Mikhalchishin