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John Nunn's Best Games 1985-1993 (Openings)

Book Description
John Nunn has an unparalleled reputation as a chess theoretician and writer of the highest class. In this book, for the first time since the best-selling Secrets of Grandmaster Play, he focusses his attention on his own games.

Includes victories over Short, Tal, Korchnoi, Anand, Gelfand, Christiansen and many other top players. Features in-depth analysis of topical opening variations. All the analysis has been computer-checked. A manual of attacking chess, from one of the world's best tacticians. This books is far more than a collection of superbly analysed games, however. The author has brought the games to life with anecdotes from the events, and provides many practical tips which will be of benefit to aspiring chess players of all levels of ability. 320 pages.

Jon Speelman's Best Games
The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal

SpaskyBlock from New York City , June 25, 1999
a masterpiece
You can't help but get better at chess when studying Tal's games. Not only will Tal improve your tactical eye, but also increase your love for the game. This book is a must have to anyone who is an aggressor on the board.

Fire on Board: Shirov's Best Games

A reader from Connecticut , July 1, 1999
Very good, but best for advanced players
Certainly one of the very best chess books of recent years. Still, if you aren't a relatively advanced player (2000 or higher rating), I fear that the book will be tough sledding. It assumes a high level of currency with opening theory, and the ability to evaluate complex positions. Not easy reading, but worth it.

My Best Games of Chess 1908-1937
by Alexander Alekhine

A reader from Malaysia , July 8, 1999
Excellent book for middle-game improvement
Alekhine was not just the strongest player of his era, but also a gifted writer. In this book, strategic themes like weak squares, pawn structures etc.. are expressed in simple plain language for the uninitiated. Guaranteed to improve one's understanding of the middle-game.

  Vishy Anand : My Best Games of Chess

A reader from Auckland,New Zealand. , February 20, 1999 
The best book of the decade.
One of the finest chess books written in this century,next to Alekhine's wonderful triple masterpieces MY BEST GAMES 1,2,3 and Tal's life and games.Vishy reveals why he should be the next world champion,after his close defeat in Jan'98 to karpov in a very unusual tournament for a crown championship.Finally he in this book shows that he has the stuff that world champions are made of.


Bobby Fischer, My 60 Memorable Games (out of print, but hunt for it!!)

This is a classic. Larry Evans provides witty introductions to the games, and within the game annotations one can get a glimpse of the workings of arguably one of the greatest chess minds that ever lived.



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