Tactics books

"Chess is 99 percent tactics" - Teichmann

The books presented below relate to tactics in various ways. Calculation is necessary to visualise tactical moves and their implications which may been having to calculate several moves ahead. Chess problem books are great for developing tactical skills by trying to solve them. Knowledge of sacrifices and combinations will improve tactical awareness.


Sharpen Your Tactics (New!)
by GM Anatoly Lein, Boris Archangelsky, Lou Hays (Editor)

Midwest Book Review
Sharpen Your Tactics! features 1125 brilliant sacrifices, combinations and studies of chess by Grandmaster Anatoly Lein. Hundreds of these examples of chess wizardry have never before been available in the west. Sharpen Your Tactics! is a unique training book that will be of immense benefit to both the novice and the experienced chess player. Indeed, every class of chess player will benefit from the insights and examples provided by Grandmaster Lein. The examples are rated by difficulty, from easy to very challenging. The problems gradually become more difficult as the reader moves through the book, leading the chess player deeper into the world of high-level chess tactics. Sharpen Your Tactics! will significantly improve the playing of any serious chess student!


Amazon.com link  Winning Chess Tactics
Amazon.co.uk link Winning Chess Tactics 
by Yasser Seirawan, Jeremy Silman

Book Description
"Seirawan unlocks a treasure chest of time-tested strategies...colorful commentary and personal anecdotes enliven the author's coverage of landmark chess matches and his experience on the international chess circuit." -Cincinnati Chess Federation


Amazon.com link Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player
 Amazon.co.uk link Chess Tactics for Tournament Play
by Sam Palatnik, Lev Alburt (Contributor), Roman Pelts (Editor), Jami Anson (Illustrator)

Third in Grandmaster Lev Alburt's Comprehensive Chess Course series. The first two volumes used only materials that worked well in the former U.S.S.R. This book contains hundreds of strikingly beautiful positions arranged by difficulty and designed to sharpen the tactical recognition and vision of experienced players anywhere. Nothing is left to chance.


The Inner game of chess, How to calculate and win
by Andy Soltis, Andrew Soltis, Ruth Fecych (Editor)

Book Description
Andrew Soltis turns players into champs with this first book ever on the most basic and important chess skill: Calculation. Chess is 99 percent calculation and this book is devoted entirely to this most mysterious and essential chess technique. "The Inner Game of Chess" examines both the technical and practical aspects of how to think ahead-the selection of candidate moves, the evaluation of end positions, finding the proper move order, and the like. Andrew Soltis is an International Grandmaster, a former U.S. Open Champion, and the author of more than seventy books. He writes an award-winning column for Chess Life magazine.


Chess : 5334 Problems, Combinations, and Games
by Laszlo Polgar, Bruce Pandolfini (Introduction)

Book description
If you love chess puzzles, this massive tome is for you. It's simply one chess challenge after another. With problems fit for beginner and grand master alike, Polgar's collection will feed your craving for years. Better yet, it's a major bargain. When I first pulled it off the shelf I was expecting a price tag three times higher.


One Thousand and One Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations
by Reinfeld, Fred Reinfeld

Review by a reader from Los Angeles, CA , June 7, 1999
Thank you Fred Reinfeld for this great collection of exercises in chess tactics. Ultimately, in over the board play, tactics decide victory or defeat. What better way to train for the winning pin or fork or double attack but to see again and again how it's done? "Their drills are bloodless battles, and their battles bloody drills."